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Why Unplugged Weddings are the way to go!

Have you ever looked back at photos from special events and noticed that all you see are people phones. Long gone are the times of singular camera (wo)men; Usually Mom or Dad. Now everyone can capture every moment. Everyone seems so caught up in documenting the moments but what do we do with all of these images anyway? And imagine if you could see everyone's face instead of the back of their cell phone.

If you like seeing faces and not phones, maybe an unplugged wedding is for you! An unplugged wedding ceremony allows you and your guests to be fully present on your special day. Detaching from our phones may be difficult, but I can think of no better reason than your wedding to get unplugged. Read more about it below to weigh your options.

What is an Unplugged Ceremony?

An unplugged ceremony is when the couple requests their guests to put away, silence or turn off all of their devices (cell phones, cameras, etc.) for the duration of the ceremony. You can even extend this cell phone free zone into the reception.

Why You Should Consider Having an Unplugged Ceremony?

You don't want your guest updating their linked in accounts and swiping on Tinder while you exchange sacred wedding vows. The greatest benefit of having an unplugged wedding is that you are all intimately sharing this moment in real time. It's not too much to ask of your guest to have their undivided attention on your wedding day.

It keeps your photographer from competing with your guests.

Why spend thousands of dollars on wedding photos, if cousin Randy is going to post a blurry photo of you to facebook before you even cut the wedding cake! When you ask your family and friends to be guest and not amateur photographers, it allows your actual photographer (me!) to get the shots that you need. Because not one want to have to push your dear Aunt Rose into the pavement to catch your first kiss!

It keeps you in control of your images.

We share almost every part of our lives on social media. But wedding ceremonies are becoming more and more intimate... and maybe so should your photos. By limiting the photos taken during the ceremony, you ensure that only the moments that YOU want shared are put out into the world wide web.

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